The Yolk with Doak - Episode 4: Streamsong

In this episode, we discuss the building of the Florida golf mecca, Streamsong. The building of Tom's Blue course and Coore & Crenshaw's Red course was one of the most unique and collaborative in the history of golf.

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Listening Guide

This guide of photos and video is meant to enhance your listening experience. Follow along with the podcast and check out the coinciding content.

Minute 1:45 - Contours at Streamsong Blue

Minute 8:42 - First Impressions

Minute 10:45 - Progression of a mining site
Aerials by Scott Griffith @bottomgrove

2005-2007 shows the progression of the mining site and the native grow in.

A comparison of the site before construction (2007) to today's routing (2015)

Minute 22:40 - Full Aerial showing all 36 holes of Streamsong Blue and Red.

Minute 26:30 - Working across the bluff from the Coore & Crenshaw crew

Minute 31:35 - Coore & Crenshaw's favorite hole on the Blue Course

I mention the Philly School in Minute 32 - here's an article on it. 

Minute 43:30 - The bunkerless green site at the 11th

Minute 48:25 - Tom's favorite stretch of holes 4-5 (see first video for 6&7)

Minute 49:51 - Streamsong Blue's Tough Closing Stretch 15-18

Minute 59:00- Tom's Favorite Hole's on Streamsong Red's

Minute 60: Tom's other favorite hole on Streamsong Red.


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