Muirfield Village Golf Club

Muirfield Village Golf Club has been golf legend Jack Nicklaus’ architectural gem since its opening in 1974. Located outside of Columbus, Ohio, Muirfield Village plays host to Nicklaus’ annual tournament, The Memorial, where it is revered for its championship layout, amphitheater design and immaculate conditioning. While Nicklaus’ reputation as an architect pales in comparison to that as a golfer, Muirfield is widely regarded as one of the best courses in America. A few of Nicklaus’ most common design traits are evident at the course.

First, Nicklaus loved to reward good tee shots. At Muirfield, you will see many holes that require players to move their tee shots in different directions. 

Second is Nicklaus’ love of the downhill golf hole as the majority of Muirfield’s tee shots come from far above the green.

And finally, Nicklaus’ reputation for a tough track. High-handicappers beware, Muirfield Village can make even the pros look bad, as evidenced by Tiger’s 85 a couple years ago.