Rad Roller Review for Golfers

The ability to move effortlessly and freely is critical to creating a powerful and repeatable golf swing. Unfortunately, most golfers spend their days sitting at desks, and life’s responsibilities get in the way of having a fitness routine like the pros. Two simple and relatively easy ways to increase your movement capabilities are stretching and myofascial release. I am going to take the liberty of assuming everyone knows what stretching is but, what is myofascial release? In layman’s terms, it means tenderizing your muscles by compressing them with pressure to increase blood flow to the muscle area. The increased blood flow increases an athlete’s performance and movement in that muscle group. The most common way myofascial release is performed is by a foam roller, but that is all changing with a company called RAD Innovations.

We were introduced to the folks at RAD Innovations through their participation in this year’s PGA Show. The fitness product company was launched in 2011 and became an instant hit with runners, fitness junkies and trainers. In the later half of 2015, the company began focusing on the golf industry as few athletic activities value free movement more.

Rad Roller sent us one of their original Rad Rollers as well as a Rad Rod (both pictured below) to try out. I was really excited to get the product because I had always wished I could try a foam roller before golfing to loosen up.

The first thing that jumps out to you about RAD’s products is the compact and convenient design. The Rad Roller is slightly smaller than a sleeve of balls, and the Rad Rod is about the size of one and a half golf grips, making it easy to transport in your golf bag and use anywhere. 

RAD has great online education for different ways to use their products on their website, YouTube page, Facebook page and Instagram. Here are my favorites that I have incorporated into my pre and post-round stretching: 

A video posted by RADRoller (@radrollerteam) on

I would highly recommend the Rad Roller to anyone (golfer or not) looking to move around better, but especially to anyone looking to gain a few yards off the tee. Not only will it make your golf game more enjoyable, but it will make getting out of bed in the morning easier. Don’t take my word for it. I talked to TPI Certified Movement Specialist Kyle Shay about what he thought: 

"The rad roller gives all of us fitness professionals who've tried to duct tape two tennis balls together a much better way to mobilize the spine and massage tight muscles."

You can purchase RAD products on their website here and use the promotion code friedegg to enjoy free shipping (up to $15) with your purchase.