Treat your feet

“I’m upset when my Kentwool’s are in the laundry.”
-Cody Sundberg

As a golfer who walks the majority of his rounds, my feet need a lot of tender loving care. This past Spring, I stumbled across the brand Kentwool, who many say “make the perfect golf sock.” Intrigued, I picked up a few pairs at the beginning of the golf season, a much-needed addition to my sock drawer that had seen better days.

Kentwool has been around since the mid 1800’s as a wool manufacturer, but only recently got into the sock business. It all started in 2008 when President Mark Kent was playing in a golf tournament and was hampered late in his round by blisters on his feet. Knowing the ins and outs of wool, Kent knew he could make a better golf sock using Merino Wool as opposed to the popular cotton. After the tournament, Kent set out to create a better sock for golfers that would be more comfortable, cooler and last longer. 

Today, Kentwool has grown into a forefront leader in golf socks, with more PGA Tour caddies wearing Kentwool socks than any other company.

When researching Kentwool, the thing that scared me the most was how the Merino Wool would perform on hot summer days since I typically think of wool as a warm material. Surprisingly, that’s where the Merino Wool excels. I found that Kentwool socks actually keep your feet much cooler than your lightweight cotton sock. On top of the cooler sock, the wool was much more comfortable for walking the golf course and my feet felt better at the ends of rounds. I have been gaming the socks all summer in 18 and 36 hole tournaments where walking is required, and I’ve never had socks that I have liked more. These socks have been through the laundry numerous times, and my Kentwool’s have definitely held up better than their big brand competitors. While Kentwool’s price tag of $20 - $25 per pair may seem steep, their combination of quality and durability will have you going to the store or shopping online for socks less and enjoying your walk around the course more. Check out all of Kentwool’s socks and styles at