Golf Products We Love

Searching for the best gift for your favorite golfer (or yourself) can be tough. Clubs are a personal preference you want to avoid, balls are boring, and many golf trinkets have no actual utility. Here is a directory of unique products that every golfer will love.

Hudson Sutler

Lugging around a backpack or duffel that’s screaming for an upgrade? Get to and from the golf course, a weekend getaway and the gym in style with Hudson Sutler. This NYC startup is blending timeless styles with functional design to make you want to pack a bag. I use mine almost everyday, whether it’s for a change of clothes at the course or packing some essentials for a weekend trip.

La Matera

The perfect way to tie together your golf getup is with a stylish belt. Upgrade your belt game with La Matera, the makers of fine Argentine inspired leather goods. We promise you will be the envy of your foursome.

Holderness & Bourne

A problem with golf shirts today is that classic styles often come with a poor fit while the modern fits of Nike and Adidas leave you looking like you are heading to a crossfit class rather than the golf course. Enter my favorite golf shirt to wear on the course, Holderness & Bourne. This brand couples the classic style you love with a great fitting shirt for the athletic individual. 


While we are talking about clothes, let’s not forget Johnnie-O, whose laid-back style is my favorite to wear off the course. Johnnie-O blends east coast prep with a west coast surfer style and vibe and has an array of options whether you are looking to dress up or down.


A brand that is making headway blending the on-the-course, off-the-course style is Canoos, maker of the boat shoe-style golf shoe. Boat shoes are my favorite shoe of choice for summer days (which are often spent golfing), and Canoos has finally made boat shoes a practical option for the golf course.


Do you like walking when you play? If so, treat your feet the way they deserve by picking up some of the world’s best socks, Kentwool. Trusted and used by the majority of caddies on the PGA Tour, Kentwool’s socks keep your feet cooler and more fresh throughout the round. 

Vintage Golf Course Maps

Looking for a classic keepsake or souvenir? These framed treasures of the world’s best golf courses make for the perfect man cave and office decor.

Swing Juice

Add some Swing Juice to your favorite stack of T’s and become a “golf bro” off the course. This creative collection of golf-themed, soft tri-blend t-shirts are perfect for running errands, your next barbecue or lounging on the couch. 

Players Towel

These are the best towels in golf. The microfiber blend keeps your towels wet throughout the round, and the thoughtful design (created by a caddie) helps you hang onto it round after round. You can customize your own here or sport some official gear from the fried egg by purchasing our Players Towel design by emailing us.

Seamus Golf

Makers of fine golf accessories ranging from ball markers to headcovers, Seamus Golf will bring a timeless and unique style to your bag. Check out their excellent product offering here.

SuperSpeed Golf

For a more serious golfer, SuperSpeed’s training solution is a great tool for building swing speed to power longer drives. Check out our full review here and purchase using the promo code “fried egg” to enjoy 10% off. 


I use the RadRoller before and after every round to keep my muscles feelin’ loose. RadRoller’s innovative design makes it easy to carry in your golf bag and makes warming up before a round a little easier.


For the player looking to monitor their swing on their own, SwingByte’s revolutionary technology uses sensors to link your golf swing to your smart phone. The best part about Swingbyte? The new virtual coach feature helps you identify and fix your swing flaws. 

A club fitting

While buying clubs is a personal decision, something we think every golfer should do is get their clubs fit to them. A good fitting will make your dollars go further and maximize your golf club’s performance. Look up a good club fitter in your area - I get my clubs fit by Club Champion, who have locations all over the US.

The Perfect Putting Aid

This is my favorite putting aid. An advanced take on the traditional yardstick putting drill, The Perfect Putting Aid is sure to help every golfer with their setup and the way they roll their golf ball. 

The Welling Putt

One of the best ways to practice your stroke indoors. We love the little-known Welling Putt because unlike most indoor putting mats, it makes golfers focus on accuracy and pace. Check out our full review here and purchase via Amazon or their website.