Dapper or Damper - WGC-Bridgestone

This week, let’s take a look at some of the best and worst looks from the WGC Bridgestone at Firestone CC in Akron, OH.

Hideki Matsuyama – Damper

Wow, what an ugly shirt, and not in a cool way. It kind of reminds of the horrific (and now, probably a little cool) MLB ‘Turn Ahead the Clock’ jerseys from back in 1999. So, bad shirt.

Justin Rose – Dapper

Rose was looking pretty badass in his first round, especially for a little British guy.  Old school kicks, cool shades, and I like the black and grey look.  He usually plays it pretty safe and rarely stands out, but I like the choices he made on Thursday.

William McGirt – Damper

We’ve talked about this before, with Snedeker.  Guys with pink skin shouldn’t wear pink shirts.  Just not a good look for Dirt McGirt.

Bubba Watson – Damper    

Visor!  Annoying Bubba is back with his annoying camo visors and his polos that he buttons all the way up.  And his annoying blue glove.    

Michio Matsumura – Dapper?

Ok, one more visor.  And did he just somehow make it look cool?  The outfit is on point – a great Under Armour look.  Great colors and a great fit (minus the undershirt).  The visor is so out of place (why not just wear an Under Armour hat?) and dumb, but that hair…pretty incredible.  

Kevin Na – Dapper

Alright, I can’t promise this will be the last visor.  They’re all over Firestone this week.  This shirt, though, is pretty cool.  It’s 80s and strange and kind of gives me a headache, but I think it’s a calculated risk that paid off.  Neat shirt, Kev.  

Beef Johnston – Dapper

Beeeff!!  I think the big fella looks pretty good here.  Nice color combos, no crazy stripes or plackets or panels.  Just a clean look and a good beard.  He, of course, followed this up with a polo with horizontal stripes on Saturday to make it look like he weighs 600 pounds.  Baby steps, Beef.

Scott Piercy – Dapper

Aggressive play with the green pants but I like how he’s matched the green in his shirt without going overboard.  This isn’t an amazing looks, but pretty solid.  

Yosuke Tsukada – Damper

Jesus, what is going on out there?  Yes, another visor.  Terrible.  But the rest of this garbage is out of control.  Yellow pants.  Another brutal Srixon shirt.  And he may or may not have dyed some very specific parts of his hair so it would look….what?  good?

Dustin Johnson and Justin Rose – Dapper

This is so embarrassing.  Dustin and Justin maybe should have talked a bit about what they were going to wear.  Or Adidas could have planned with their athletes a bit better.  

Rickie Fowler – Dapper

t’s pretty rare for Rickie to have this many different colors – we usually see him in all one color or a bright color and a while belt or something like that.  This is a pretty good look for him, though.  The low-top spikes and the khaki jogging pants are so unusual and unique to Rickie these days and I love it.  Pretty decent choices here.

Phil Mickleson – N/A

We’ve officially reached the stage where we need to give this belly button a name.  It’s so big.  I’m going to toss Carl out there, with Herb as a close runner-up.  I’ll mail you a sweet Fried Egg golf towel if you can come up with something better.