Dapper or Damper: The U.S. Open

This week, it’s the most wonderful time of the year – the United States Open.  Personally, it’s my favorite tournament of the year and this year, it’s at my favorite US Open venue.  Let’s take a look at some of the best and worst looks from the US Open at Oakmont CC in Oakmont, PA.

Rickie Fowler – Dapper

Rickie had a brutal couple of days and missed the cut, but at least he looked good. This was a solid choice for him – he typically picks one color and runs with it, and using just blue with the white looks great.

Rory McIlroy – Damper

Rory was another guy that really couldn’t get anything going and missed the cut. His greyish, greenish polo is kind of cool, but the highlighter yellow hat is obnoxious. It felt like something Nike would try with the Oregon golf team – which is great for the Oregon golf team, but not one of the world’s best players.

Louis Oosthuizen & Toru Taniguchi – Dapper

Both of these guys look good, but the real story is the all-out attack on the history books for the record of Most Stripes on a Polo. They say when CC Sabathia joined the Yankees, he passed Babe Ruth and set the record for most pinstripes on a Yankee uniform (fat guys wear big uniforms, especially now compared to the 1920s). Louis and Toru, I’m guessing, had the Most Stripes record on their minds when they got dressed. I honestly don’t know who won – let’s call it a tie.

Billy Horschel – Dapper

This is tough to explain. I can’t really rationalize it or support it with any real reasons or evidence. But these pants are awesome. I’m pretty sure Billy knew when he stepped on the first tee that he’d be the sexiest guy on the course. High risk, high reward.

Billy Horschel – Damper

And then he went and dressed like a picnic table.

Patrick Reed & Bubba Watson – Double Damper

Someone tell Patrick to throw those stupid pleated plaid pants away. This is a good picture because we get a two-for-one on the plaid pants and Bubba’s camo visor. Both poor choices. Bubba was all over the place this week with strange camo-paneled polos. I know he’s a camo kind of guy, but it’s still not my favorite look on a golf course.

Adam Scott - Dapper

Adam has been consistently wearing these collarless shirts once or twice a tournament.  I wasn’t really sure how I felt about them initially, as I thought it was basically like wearing a t-shirt, but they’re growing on me.  I think as long as he sticks with solid colors this can continue to be a pretty clean and unique look for him. And it’s tough to have a unique look without going all-out gimmicky.

David Lingmerth – Damper

I look at Billy Horschel’s weird floral pants (which I love) and then I look at this shirt and, theoretically, they should elicit a similar response. But something about David’s shirt just screams “80-year-old drunk man at a Jimmy Buffet concert.”  It’s just not as cool.

Andy Sullivan – Damper

Andy looks like an angry, fuzzy little bumblebee. Cheer up and wear better colors.

Justin Thomas – Damper

Pink pants – aggressive but still pretty unoriginal.  And also ugly. 

Phil Mickleson – N/A

It’s the newest ‘Dapper or Damper’ tradition:  A glorious shot of Phil’s incredibly large belly button.  I think by next week’s edition, we should give it a name.