Dapper or Damper: The Memorial Tournament

Most pro athletes, especially those within our favorite American sports leagues, have very specific uniform guidelines and rules. There are some rules, both on the PGA and European Tours, but not really uniforms. The outfits are usually, and hopefully, put together with a plan in mind, either by the golfer or his sponsors.  Some of those plans work out – some of them definitely do not. 

This week, let’s take a look at some of the best and worst looks from the Memorial Tournament at Muirfield in Dublin, OH.

Matt Kuchar – Dapper

Kuch usually looks pretty cool, often wearing muted, similar colors that get tied in from head to toe.  The above picture is a perfect example. Dark blues, light blues, and white from head to toe.  He always looks pretty chill and calm and kind of meanders around the golf course like the BFG (Big Friendly Giant). He did happen to wear black shoes with a brown belt in the final round, which is pretty big slip-up, but his solid track record gives him the benefit of the doubt.

William McGirt – N/A

He looks fine. Just some bonus points here for winning the tournament and apparently being able to play golf with all your leg bones broken. Also, I’m guessing the crossover fan base between golf and hip hop is minimal, but just in case – it was impossible not to think about Dirt McGirt (aka ODB) this whole tournament, right? If no one gets that, apologies.

Dustin Johnson – Dapper

DJ is another guy that usually has his attire combos down pat – his stuff fits well and he matches without being too flashy. The grey-and-white belt perfectly matches his shoes and hat, and the Adidas stripes on his shoes (obviously) match the same blue as his Adidas shirt.  Life is a lot easier for guys with attire sponsors (Adidas, Under Armour, Nike, Puma). 

Keegan Bradley – Damper

Keegan looks like he wandered onto the golf course on his way back to his parents’ house after a morning of drinking PBRs and skateboarding. The shirt and the red shoelaces are both pretty juvenile. I guess the look does kind of fit with his off-course personality – and he played well all week – but it’s a weird choice.

Hiroshi Iwata – Dapper

This guy is perplexing. Last week, he was squaring in the ‘Damper’ group with his plaid, upper-chest rectangle shirt. Now he’s rocking red-piped pants with matching shoes and belt.  And, just to hammer home the fact that he’s an innovator, he’s got a plaid-collared shirt. I’m not even sure that the collar really matches, but he’s definitely gotten my attention. If I had to guess, I’d say we’ll see him in next week’s column, too.

Phil Mickelson – Damper

Philly looks like a blueberry here – and potentially a blueberry with the world’s largest belly button. Not good.

Byeong Hun An – Damper

Mr. An doesn’t even look bad – but someone wearing fuchsia pants has to be put in the ‘Damper’ column right?

Emiliano Grillo – Dapper

Emiliano looks great. I love the orange belt and navy pants and how they both match the striped polo. This is a pretty thoughtful ensemble. I’m going to credit the great start to his season (25th in the FedEx) to whoever is doing his belt-matching. 

Patrick Reed – Damper

Yes, those are pleated, plaid pants. And yes, he looks like an idiot.

Rickie Fowler – Dapper

Rickie never really looks like a golfer, which isn’t a bad thing, really. He’s another one of those guys with an apparel sponsor, so his matching game is usually on point (or he’s literally wearing all the same color so it doesn’t matter). I really like the grey hat and grey Puma stripes on his shoes from the first round.