Dapper or Damper: FedEx St. Jude Classic

Most pro athletes, especially those within our favorite American sports leagues, have very specific uniform guidelines and rules. There are some rules, both on the PGA and European Tours, but not really uniforms. The outfits are usually, and hopefully, put together with a plan in mind, either by the golfer or his sponsors. Some of those plans work out – some of them definitely do not. 

This week, let’s take a look at some of the best and worst looks from the St. Jude Classic at TPC Southfield in Memphis, TN. 

Retief Goosen – Dapper

This is an aggressive play.  It’s a really loud shirt and an interesting choice for the South African, who is usually pretty conservative in the outfit department. What makes this work for me is that he’s gone all white everywhere else – pants, belt, shoes, hat. It makes the shirt a little less crazy, and I think it’s actually a pretty cool look.

Brett Stegmaier – Damper          

Stegmaier’s at it again. He loves the visor and plaid-on-only-the-front-of-the-shirt look. I do not. This is the third or fourth time this season that he’s gone with something similar, so he must really dig this look. He’s played pretty poorly this year, so maybe it’s time to change it up.

Brooks Koepka – Damper

This is the second guy I’ve noticed in the last few weeks to wear blue camo while playing professional golf. I really don’t get it. I’m guessing it’s a Nike polo as Brooks is one of Nike’s golfers, but I don’t understand why anyone thinks this looks good. Russell Henley also wore the exact same shirt in the third round. Maybe if it was a tournament raising money to support under-camouflaged naval officers?

Russell Henley – Dapper

Henley looks great. The pants are a weird color, but the plain white polo with the same aqua color peeking out on the inside of the collar is a nice touch.  Simple but with some personality. 

Hiroshi Iwata – Dapper

Hiroshi is back.  He’s pushing the limits of what it means to dress like a golfer or even a real person, and I like it. I could do without the black upper-butt strip, but the shirt is weird and cool and it matches his shoes nicely. It’s another week of strange and awesome looks for this guy.

DA Points – Damper

A LEGO belt buckle? C’mon. Darren Andrew has been sporting this for years – and it’s never really looked good.  He doesn’t even try to incorporate the look and feel of the comically big logo into the rest of his wardrobe. Hopefully he’s getting some serious money to look like this.

Brian Gay – Damper

Are those peach-colored pants!? Why?!!

Aaron Baddeley – Dapper

His pants are a little baggy, but this is a clean look for Aaron.  I’m not sure there’s another guy on Tour, though, that wears a logo-less cap.  He’s typically been an Adams Golf guy – maybe he’s in between sponsors.  I should probably look that up.  Moving on.

Colt Knost – Damper

There’s not a shirt type or color that he can’t sweat through; we’ve seen many-a-polo fall prey to the internal furnace that is Colt Knost.  But the sweaty horizontal stripes are a no-no on such a huge fella.

Phil Mickleson – N/A

Phil looks fine, I just want to make sure we appropriately document the majesty that is his enormous belly button.