Dapper or Damper

With the Greenbriar cancelled this week due to the recent terrible weather in West Virginia, the European Tour took center stage in the run-up to the Open Championship.  So, this week, let’s take a look at some of the best and worst looks from the Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open at Castle Stuart Golf Links in Inverness, Scotland.

Padraig Harrington – Dapper

These European tournaments were littered with players wearing all grey last year (and I bet we see dozens of guys in all grey at the Open next week).  Paddy has held on to the all grey look a year longer than most, but it looks good on him, especially with the black shoes.  The red polo underneath adds a nice bit of color as well.  Turns out, though, that red polo is horrible looking, with weird grey panels all over the place, but at least with the sweater on, he’s looking good.

Felipe Aguilar, part 1 – Damper

The ugly yellow polo alone would be enough to toss this fella into the Damper column, but the blue sleeves really put this over the top.  If this were Henrik Stenson and he felt overly compelled to wear some of his Swedish colors in Scotland, great.  Weird, but great.  But Aguilar is Chilean.  And as a bonus, not pictured here, he’s wearing red socks.  So, bad look.

Soomin Lee – Damper

Good try here. But this is terrible. Ugly sweater. Women’s pants. Horrible.

Eddie Pepperell – Dapper

We don’t see this color combo – khaki and olive/army green too often on the golf course, at least in America.  It’s a cool look – if he had some flannel socks on he’d be straight out of an Eddie Bauer ad.

Tartan Trousers – Damper

I get it.  It’s tradition.  But at the end of the day, the pants are ugly.  The only good news is that it forced Patrick Reed to wear some non-pleated pants for the first time ever.

Andrew Johnston – Damper

Poor Beef. He needs help.  A way-too-tight rain jacket and then matching up navy and black and red and white.  Not cool.

Robert Rock – Dapper

This is so legit.  The hat, the cardigan, the open polo.  Seriously, give this guy a pipe and a hickory-shafted club and he’s the baddest man of 1920s golf.  Bob Rock to the max here.

Felipe Aguilar, part 2 – still Damper

If you had to bet money on this guy either being a Chilean professional golfer or an Italian Formula One driver, what would you do?  Honestly, what the shit is going on here?  He looks like pretty cool bro who woke up on the golf course after a night of Jaeger bombs and is wandering through the course trying to find his way home.  And yes, he’s wearing a neck warmer, too.  Good luck, Felipe!