Dapper or Damper: Quicken Loans National

This week, let’s take a look at some of the best and worst looks from the Quicken Loans National at the Congressional in Bethesda, MD.

Brett Stegmaier – Dapper

Brett has been a pretty consistent member of the Damper club with his really terrible use of half-plaid polos. He’s scaled it back this week and sequestered his plaid fetish to the collar region. This is a much better look. The visor is still stupid, but we’re getting there.

Vijay Singh – Damper    

Speaking of stupid visors…Vijay gets a pass on the visor because he’s old and he’s been rocking one for a few decades now. But there’s no free pass for baggy pleated pants. He joins Pat Reed in the category of people wearing clothes that should have been thrown away 15 years ago. 

Smylie Kaufman – Dapper

Smylie is smiling because he’s so cool and comfortable is his seersucker pants. It’s a bit of a risk, as we’ve seen some guys sweat right through these kinds of pants. At least at this point of the round, Smylie was feeling just great. 

Rickie Fowler – Dapper

Bad. Ass. I could see how some golf purists might think this looks ridiculous but I can’t tell you how cool I think this is. He’s not the first person to wear high-tops (Keegan Bradley and Michelle Wie have done it) and this isn’t the first time he’s shown them off – but they are amazing, and pairing them with the elastic-bottomed pants is an aggressive play. Can’t wait for Puma to start selling these shoes to the public.

Hiroshi Iwata - Dapper

He’s back!  And he’s got the upper chest plaid rectangle back in play! We missed Hiroshi last week, as he didn’t play in the US Open, and he trots out an old favorite this week. When he first wore this polo a few weeks ago, I dropped him in the Damper column. That was my mistake. I really just needed time to get to know Hiroshi and get a feel for how weird he really is. Now we just need him to start playing some better golf so he’s out there for more than 2 rounds. Hiroshi!

Tyler Aldridge – Damper

There are always a few guys out there each week showing off the faux-vest look.  Dumb.

Andres Gonzales - Dapper

Look at this animal.  This is all about the total package. The gut. The necklace. The facial hair. The flat-brimmed hat. He looks like Kenny Powers – which is a very good thing.

Wesley Bryan – Damper

Pink pants – I’m just not a fan. Minor bonus point to his caddy, though, for some cool socks.

Tim Wilkinson – Damper

Ugly shirt and weird face from Timmy here. He played poorly too. Just an ugly couple of days.

Morgan Hoffman – Damper

A real fashion professional might try to tell me that these black and blue floral pants actually match the grey shirt – but even if they do, it doesn’t look good. Swing and a miss for Mr. Hoffman.