Dapper or Damper: The PGA Championship

This week, we’ve got the last major of the season before we get to take a look at golf in the Olympics.  Let’s check out some of the best and worst of the PGA Championship at Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield Township, NJ.

Justin Thomas – Damper

This is borderline, because while they’re a little too short, he actually matched his shirt with the pants nicely and he shot a 69 in these things.  But at the end of the day, the pants are really ugly, especially at a major.  He should probably just cut these down into board shorts and be done with it.

John Daly – Dapper

His pants are actually much uglier than Justin’s…but it’s John Daly.  He’s huge, probably a little drunk, and he doesn’t wear a hat when he golfs.  He’s Captain DGAF and therefore, whatever he wants to wear is cool.

Kevin Kisner – Dapper

I don’t think the belt matches, but it’s like alligator skin or something, so at least it’s cool.  I like the grey collar and end-of-sleeve look to match the pants and hat and just look at that psychotic look in his eyes.  He’s either locked in or clinically insane.  

Bubba Watson – Damper

Bubba usually looks pretty dumb and this week was no exception.  Two different shades of camo in Round 1, just in case he’s in a pond with some leafy shrubs near the shore – he’ll be able to lie in wait at the surface without anyone detecting his presence.  And then this really weird, horrible stripe/plaid-morph shirt.  Not good.

Billy Horschel – Dapper

Billy does this all the time – he’ll go a few rounds looking like your average golfer and then bust out some 1962 living-room-drapes pants.  They fit well and it’s his thing.  I personally couldn’t wear them, but Billy makes it work.  I wish he’d golf better, though.

Jason Kokrak – Damper

Weird.  What a look.  The horizontal, graffiti-spray look.  Terrible.

Hideki Matsuyama – Damper

He wore a different color-version each day, but the shirt and hat were the same.   Which is a damn shame because the shirt is really ugly.

Rickie Fowler – Dapper

Little Rickie looked great this week, and the orange pulled through in his shirt, hat, and shoes looks really nice with the army-green pants.  Solid look with a little color but not too flashy.

Phil Mickelson’s Bellybutton – Dapper


Victor Dubuisson – Damper

It really doesn’t get much worse than this.  I know plenty of guys out there probably looked worse or had clothes that didn’t fit as well, but this is really terrible.  The Kool-Aid guy look is ill-advised, and then toss in the fake vest, a visor, and, to top it off, a goatee?  Who still wears a goatee??

Yuta Iketa – Dapper

Sweet pants and saddle shoes.  Kickin’ it old school, I like it.