Dapper or Damper: The Open Championship

This week, as golfers stuff their bags with apparel for all sorts of weather, we take a look at some of the best and worst looks from the Open Championship at Royal Troon in Troon, Scotland.

Shugo Imahira – Damper

Odd choices here from Shugo.  A sky blue polka-dotted sweater vest, huh?  Not good.

Jordan Spieth – Dapper

I love this color combo.  Grey and navy alone is probably my favorite color pairing and adding some bright color to that look really stands out.  Lots of vests out on the course this weekend – and vests are weird – but this is a nice look for Jordan.

David Lingmerth – Damper

Little tiny David Lingmerth.  Imagine how nice he would look if he had some grey or white pants on.  He would look great with the blue belt and blue-toed shoes.  But these peach pants are ridiculous.  Likely sized at 32x24, as well.

Danny Lee – Dapper

This is a strange sweater and it’s definitely not a conservative choice, but I like it.  It’s not camo, but I don’t really know what to call it.  Pairing it with some really neutral colors helps.

John Daly – Dapper?

It’s the Open, so we get to see John Daly for 2 days.  Pineapple pants?  Whatever, I’m just glad he can physically walk the course.  Also, I love it when guys don’t wear hats.  He looks great.

Rory McIlroy – Damper

Rory has been gradually making weirder and weirder attire choices this season. Maybe he told Nike he’d like to take some more fashion risks or maybe he’s oblivious, but this week at the Open feature some odd looks. The Kevlar vest look from Saturday looked out of place and uncomfortable. I really don’t get it. He also wore a weird sweater on Sunday, specifically designed to highlight his pecs. I get it, he likes to work out, but it’s a strange move for a pro golfer, especially one that’s 5’8”, 150lbs.

Phachara Khongwatmai – Damper

PK chose to rock some flooding lime green pants for his debut at the Open.  Odd choice to say the least.  Maybe he knew it would get him on the Fried Egg.  If so, good thinking PK!

Spectators – Dapper

Bug pants.  Flag pants.  Sherlock Holmes hats.  Beer.  Golf.

Henrik Stenson – Dapper

The champion on the course also deserves praise for his clothing choices, I love the grey and white.  Henrik is usually an all-black or at least muted colors kind of guy, so this is a bit out-of-the-box for him, but it’s a great look.

Phil Mickelson – Damper            

Nothing says, “I’ve earned $90 million playing golf in my career” quite like a binder clip holding your hat on.  Keep it classy, FIGJAM.

Andrew Johnston – Dapper

If your nickname is ‘Beef’, you should put that on everything.  Beef beat Phil in the hat game this week.

Miguel Angel Jimenez – Dapper

Jimenez is usually Mr. DGAF with his pony tails and aviators.  He usually kind of just saunters around the course with his gut sticking out, looking like he wore whatever he came across in the morning.  This is a good look for him, though.  I obviously don’t understand the visor, but maybe it’s just more accommodating of the comb-over ponytail.  

Sergio Garcia – Damper

He looks terrible.  Looks like he might be wearing 11 or 12 layers and they’re all bad.  The vest, the soccer shirt under that, the weird sleeves under that.  Serge is a mess.  

Yusaku Miyazato – Damper

Wow.  This level of terrible feels intentional.  Nothing matches and it all looks bad.  Is that an American Eagle polo?  I doubt it, but still, this is gross.