Dapper or Damper: The Olympics

It’s been like a hundred years! As a Cubs fan, I’d like to say that’s no big deal…but it is. Golf is back at the Olympics. My guess going into this event, at least from a golf fashion perspective, was that it would be a boring weekend. Teams would dress alike and their choices would be really standard and uninteresting. Well, to cap off the worst lede ever, I was right. Regardless, it was a historic weekend with a result I think we can all feel good about. Here are some of the best and worst from Rio.

Rodolfo Cazaubon, Mexico – Damper

At these types of events (Olympics, Ryder Cup, etc.), dressing yourself as your country’s flag is pretty tacky and should be reserved for fans. It would be like Team USA wearing stars-and-stripes pants. Rodolfo, down to his shoes, looks pretty tacky. And the logo-less cap is weird, too.

Bubba Watson, USA – Dapper

Of course, I say that and then I look at Bubba’s USA flag shoes…and I love them.  Maybe it’s just because they’re cooler than Rodolfo’s saddle shoes?

Felipe Aguilar, Chile – Damper

I love the belt detail and he’s at least pulling through his nation’s colors a bit more subtly than Rodolfo. But the navy pants and the black hat – I can’t get past it.

Justin Rose, Great Britain – Dapper

He’s rocking his usual cool shades and the navy and white is a clean look, but the back of the polo is the real story. An outline of the crest of Great Britain? Bad ass. He had several shirts this weekend featuring a giant crest and it was generally a cool look. He went a bit overboard on the weekend with the flag behind the crest, but overall it was nice.

Fabian Gomez, Argentina – Dapper

Team Argentina had the coolest hats of the tournament.

Yuta Ikeda, Japan – Dapper

Little Yuta has gone full 90s – the saddle shoes, the retro Japan hat and the sweet geometric deco shirt. Go get ‘em Yuta!

Matt Kuchar, USA – Dapper

I’ll admit, this doesn’t look great. The faded flag shirt that all our guys wore just looks a little tacky. But Kooooooch was incredible in the final round and really could have won gold (and shot a 61!) if a couple extra putts dropped. So, my bias put him in the Dapper column. USA!

Henrik Stenson, Sweden – Dapper

On the surface, he actually looks pretty dumb: logo-less cap and a canary-yellow polo isn’t very imaginative or cool. But I like that he’s wearing H&M, a Swedish company, and, if you caught him in exactly the right light, you’d notice that the back of this polo had a pretty cool watermark with a bunch of Swedish words like “Sverige.”