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Golf is a game of unbelievable shots, bad breaks, camaraderie and a drive to constantly improve. It causes players to obsess, rejoice and love everything about it, a feeling non-golfers don’t quite understand. These moments can be captured on traditional social media sites, but the sharing of photos and sentiments goes out to everyone (both golfers and non-golfers alike). Until now. Introducing gottaGolf, an app built to create a social community just for golfers to give them a better way to interact with each other and experience the game together.

Founded in 2014 by Clint Jarvis, gottaGolf is best summed up as Facebook meets Instagram meets YouTube featuring only golf-related content. After downloading the free mobile app, golfers create detailed profiles that include location, home course, skill-level and days of the week they typically play. Once a profile is created, golfers can post scores, share pictures and videos, and connect with other golfers.

We chatted with Jarvis to learn more about gottaGolf and what prompted the 26-year-old Atlanta native to start the company. Jarvis, similar to many successful entrepreneurs, saw a problem: “When I looked at golf, I saw this amazing network of golfers and courses that exists in the physical world, and all of these awesome experiences that take place, but no easy way to connect and share in the digital world.” 

Starting a robust social app is easier said than done. Jarvis and the gottaGolf team have poured a lot of sweat equity into this gritty, bootstrapped startup, and it shows. gottaGolf nails the user experience. Signup is seamless, and the app runs very smoothly whether posting a video or scrolling through the app’s main feed.

Easily post your golf moments through gottaGolf's iPhone app.

Easily post your golf moments through gottaGolf's iPhone app.

With major product updates planned for mid-spring, this app is only going to get better, and just in time for the 2016 golf season. Jarvis’ end goal is to help with golf’s biggest problem, growth among younger generations: “Our goal is to increase overall engagement in the sport and grow the game by creating a powerful digital community of golfers that can be enjoyed by any golfer, anywhere. I believe strongly in the power of a niche social network.” gottaGolf’s pioneering concept is a breathe of fresh air for a sport and industry that habitually lags in the innovation department.  

Check out gottaGolf in the Apple app store or on their website, and start sharing your favorite golf moments with your Saturday foursome.  

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