Welling Putt Practice Mat

Ready to throw away that old 2' x 8' putting mat?   

Introducing Welling-Putt, the best indoor putting practice the fried egg has ever used.  Don't judge this book by its cover, the Welling-Putt isn't going to wow people with its marketing, celebrity testimonials or write-ups in Golf Digest.  This is a hidden gem in the American market as the manufacturer Well-Putt is located in France.   

13' model shown here (doesn't come with a wrapped bottle of wine as shown above)

13' model shown here (doesn't come with a wrapped bottle of wine as shown above)

When you roll out the Welling-Putt, you immediately see why it is different than your standard indoor putting mat. Unlike most putting mats, the Welling-Putt focuses a player on pace, the most crucial aspect of good putting.   Most indoor mats feature a traditional hole. One of the disadvantages of that is that the mat must run uphill to reach the hole, which allows players to simply bang 8 foot putts into the back of the cup without considering the pace in which they are doing so. The Welling-Putt is different because its true and fast surface (stimped at about a 10) causes any putt struck too hard to quickly find itself off the mat.   

As you can see below, we hit a great putt but it was just a smidgen too firm:

Just a touch too hard

The putting mat is designed to be used in both directions. One side works on pace, while the other works on both pace and accuracy.   

The Welling-Putt also comes with a training guide and 3 courses that are designed to mirror a real golf course.  Each course consists of 18 holes and varying levels of difficulty.  If you utilize these courses it adds a great pressure value to your practice that will help you sink those 4 footers on the deciding holes of your next $5 nassau.  

Overall, I would highly recommend the Welling-Putt to anyone looking for a home putting solution. It is offered in three different sizes to fit your space:  10', 13' and 21'.  You can purchase your Welling Putt here.  

And in case anyone was wondering, Welling-Putt isn't paying me to write this. I received this as a Christmas gift from my uncle, a scratch golfer who discovered it at a golf course in South Florida.